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More than 50 Years of Development, Diversity & Success

More than a half century ago, as Sunwah Group (Sunwah) opened its doors for the first time, the People’s Republic of China had just completed its first decade and the economies of Southeast Asia were beginning to awaken. Since then we have witnessed the dynamic emergence of China as a world leading economy and the impressive economic rise of the Asian Region.

In many ways, the rapid expansion and success of Sunwah closely mirrors the rise of the economies that the Group serves. With corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, Sunwah sits at the centre of the world’s greatest economic opportunity, with China to the north and the vibrant Asian nations to the east, west and south. It is within this nexus that Sunwah operates businesses and invests capital.

Corporate history dates back to 1957 when patriarch Choi Kai Yau founded Sunwah with the launch of a Macau seafood processing company. Choi Kai Yau later established Sunwah in Hong Kong as a seafood processor, wholesaler and distributor. It was from the trade and financial hub of Hong Kong that Choi Kai Yau received his moniker as the “King of Seafood” and Sunwah expanded its food wholesale trade and distribution businesses in Southeast Asia and North America.

Sunwah’s early involvement in China and the Southeast Asian nations earned the Group a reputation for vision and entrepreneurial spirit. Chairman Dr. Jonathan K S Choi, son of the Founder, assumed control of Sunwah in 1976. Under his leadership Sunwah's business expands and diversifies.

Today, Sunwah is a highly diversified conglomerate with businesses in seven principal areas: Seafood & Foodstuff, Real Estate, Financial Services, Technology, Infrastructure, Media and Education. Activities extend deep into Mainland China as well as to the environs of Japan, Macau, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore and across the oceans to Canada, Europe, the US and Australia.

Due to a solid business foundation, the clear vision of management and strong internal synergies, Sunwah’s leading position in the heart of the world’s most dynamic region provides a platform for the next half century of prosperity.

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